Rock Climbing + Social Networking = Crag Notes

Cragnotes is an easy way to keep up with all of the climbers you know. Build your network of climbing partners and share notes letting the people you know stay up to date on your climbing plans.

  1. Sign Up - Create an account with just your name, email address, and a new crag notes password - no other information needed.
  2. Connect with other climbers - Add as many friends as you want. Simply enter their email address.
  3. Find out where people are climbing - Enter the name of the crag, the date, and any details you want to add. Your partners will see your notes. You will see any notes left by your partners.

Classic cragnotes: Bernd Arnold letting his crew know where they are headed.

It happens every day at crags around the world - climbers letting friends know where they are headed so they can meet up at the crag.